Alice , Anne, Red Riding Hood, and Dorothy

The Storybook Range in 1/48th scale has been on my drawing board for a long time! I have now created the main characters from four books:

Alice                          Alice in Wonderland,

Anne                         Anne of Greengables,

Red Riding Hood     Little Red Riding Hood

Dorothy                   The Wizard of Oz

As some of you will know I used to make all of these characters as 1/12th scale toys for the dollshouse nursery. These 1/48th dolls are quite a bit smaller but I have tried to maintain the detail. Hopefully I will soon be adding other characters to accompany them such as the White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Tin Man etc... 

 The Dolls are all available from the online shop.


Victorian 1/48th people
Victorian 'Streets of London' Range

This is the beginning of a range of 1/48th people that might be suitable to populate a Victorian street scene. I am hoping to do some more 'Cries of London' type street sellers and children.

The dolls are available from my online shop.

Victorian 1/48th Scale People
Victorian Ladies in Floral Dresses

 I have made some new Victorian ladies in pretty dresses for the KDF Online Showcase...

The dolls can be purchased from my online shop.