Alice , Anne, Red Riding Hood, and Dorothy

The Storybook Range in 1/48th scale has been on my drawing board for a long time! I have now created the main characters from four books:

Alice                          Alice in Wonderland,

Anne                         Anne of Greengables,

Red Riding Hood     Little Red Riding Hood

Dorothy                   The Wizard of Oz

As some of you will know I used to make all of these characters as 1/12th scale toys for the dollshouse nursery. These 1/48th dolls are quite a bit smaller but I have tried to maintain the detail. Hopefully I will soon be adding other characters to accompany them such as the White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Tin Man etc... 



Victorian 1/48th people
Victorian 'Streets of London' Range

This is the beginning of a range of 1/48th people that might be suitable to populate a Victorian street scene. I am hoping to do some more 'Cries of London' type street sellers and children.


Victorian 1/48th Scale People
Victorian Ladies in Floral Dresses

 I have made some new Victorian ladies in pretty dresses for the KDF Online Showcase...