Mandy Gammell 1/48th Royal Gallery

The Royal Gallery

by Mandy Gammell

Mandy has now completed a fantastic project she started a little while ago. I hope she won't mind me saying she bought Queen Elizabeth ll in 2012 and said then she intended to make a throne room. Since then she has collected Elizabeth l and Henry Vlll together with his six wives. This meant very cleverly developing the project to include a Royal gallery above (the Queen's own 'Madame Tussauds'!). Mandy explains below how it was made...

'My Royal rooms... I started collecting for this project in 2012 when I purchased Queen Elizabeth 2. I fell in love with her and decided to make a throne room to show her off. This of course escalated when Sally created Henry Vlll and his six wives and daughter Elizabeth 1, so my project increased. I collected over the years all sorts of bits and bobs.. till I had everything and more to start, and so I did and it didn't take too long once I got going. I made almost all of it, the throne, some pictures from broken earrings, the furniture are kits I got from Petite Properties, chandeliers I made with real crystals. The flower arrangements are beads with tiny foliage in. It has clear xmas lights set in behind panelling just to give it some light.. This gives it a blue glow but it is ok.. I've got a bit of tweaking here and there but all in all I am very pleased with how it turned out and very chuffed that Sally has added this to her Showcase.'