Beverley Read

Jemima Puddleduck with Crib

Beverley sent me this photo of one of my Jemima Puddleducks in the beautiful Baby Crib she has made for her friend's daughter. I thought this was so attractive that I asked her how she had made it. I really like the gathered pink satin ribbon around it and the pleated lace. She gave me the following explanation:

"Very simple items are used - Base is a piece of fimo shaped into an oval and baked. This gives it weight. Wooden feet are added to the base to give it height. Cardboard wrapped around edge for the sides. Then white felt is stuck on the sides and inside.

The lace is pleated on a mini-pleater (these are used for making dollshouse curtains). The lace is soaked in water first and then put on the pleater. Then spray starch is used ,left to dry, and  the pleats apparently stay in shape really well. Things just come together really quickly after that. It is just a case of sticking things together, getting nice trims to go with it and stitching the crib covers and pillows. It is really simple and lots of fun!"


The Crib is complete...

So gorgeous with the tiny baby and Jemima!

Christmas Toy Shop

Zebedee and friends are looking out of the window at the snow...

This beautifully decorated 1/12th scale Christmas toy shop has also been made by Beverley. The bow window is the perfect showcase for the Magic Roundabout set. Thank you Beverley for sending me these pictures and again apologies for taking so long to put them on my website.

The Nursery

Beverley has been collecting my 1/12  toys for a little while now and she sent me another picture showing them all settled in the dollshouse nursery.

I can see Humpty, Andy Pandy and friends,Tom Kitten and Jemima all on the shelf at the back.

The pretty little girl looks sleepy sitting in her pink chair cuddling her Jemima toy.