Royalty Matters...

A Tribute to our Beloved Queen from 'Across The Pond'... Barbara Antol

'I just wanted to take a moment and express my sorrow and condolences over the passing of your Queen.  So many here across the pond mourn her passing too. She was a constant in all our lives and was much loved, respected and admired for her dedication and lifetime of service. She will be missed and we wish the best for King Charles.   I’ve put my little dioramas of her on the mantle with candles.  They’re even more special now.' 

Barbara says 'I was especially happy that I chose Balmoral as the backdrop for the vignette with the Princesses. I’ve heard that was likely her favorite castle, so it seems so fitting that’s where she got to spend her final days.'
'I, along with many others over here, will be getting up very early on Monday (probably 4:30 or 5am) to watch the funeral coverage.'
'I firmly believe Prince Phillip, Susan and all those other Corgi dogs were there to meet her Majesty on the other side.'

Thank you so much to Barbara Antol of New York for this lovely heartfelt tribute.

Linda Sarna in California...

Linda Sarna lives in California and has sent me these photos of her tributes to Queen Elizabeth and King Charles.

The Queen 1/48th
Linda's tribute to the Queen for her Platinum Jubilee.
King Charles
Tribute to King Charles by Linda Sarna
King Charles
Close up of 1/48th Charles in Linda's display made by me.