Jenny Kelly 1/48th

Jenny has completed the Poirot book kit from Petworth Miniatures. I love all the silver/grey decor of his living room and his well stocked bookshelves and siver tea service. The little Poirot that Jenny asked me to make is very 'at home' in his surroundings.


Poirot inside his little book home...
The very posh interior...

The Wind in the Willows

Jenny has made this very attractive Wind in the Willows book kit from Petworth Miniatures. Mr Toad looks like he is waiting for a visitor to join him for tea!
the wiind in the willows 1/48th scle
We were correct! Ratty has arrived.

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit Sally Reader
Peter has found a home in his own little book kit from Petworth Minatures that Jenny has made especially for him.
He has his own little wooden front with iron hinges and the house is set in a very pretty woodland garden.

Allotment with Scarecrow

Jenny has created a fantastic garden/allotment from a kit by Petite Properties. She asked me to make a scarecrow who certainly has his work cut out keeping the birds off the tulips and vegetables!

Holly Lodge

My little skier boy looks very happy with the snowman.
Inside the chalet. 'Mrs Claus' ' son helps with the maintenance...'

Jenny has created 'Holly Lodge' from the Jane Harrop 2021 Advent Calendar kit. This Ski Chalet offers Bed and Breakfast to families. 

The little boy and his mum are off to the ski slopes. 'Mrs Claus' is off to gather some more holly to decorate her ski lodge.